Oh Amelia!

Was there ever any gal braver? I simply swoon when I see photos of the aviator Amelia Earhart decked out in her pilot gear with her spunky bob and her wry smile. She was fearless and lovely, had amazing personal style and a fierce heart.

Born on July 24, 1897, in Atchison, Kansas. In 1923 Amelia became the 16th woman, ever (!) to be issued a pilot’s license. Just 5 years later she became the first goil to make her way all the way across the vast and grey and very, very large, Atlantic.

Then, in 1937, she decided she would be the first lady to go around the entire world, right around the globe’s belly, around the middle and following the equator.


This gal had courage, guts and real bravado, don’t you agree? Sadly, she mysteriously disappeared on her epic journey, but I like to dream of her merely landing lightly on some tropical isle and spending the rest of her days drinking from coconuts and cavorting with the local tribesman.

Oh Amelia!