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What does it mean? It means. What if you buy domestic product and its price is about in these ranges (or slightly below), you can count on a good quality. If the price is significantly lower, it can be said with confidence that the product is diluted. Impressive assortment of steroids for sale, and all for small money! And what about this talk below.

For example, there are domestic manufacturers, who sell casein approximately 1100 - 1200 rubles for 1 kg. Order steroids online is the best way to save your money. Knowing the price of raw materials, I can say that, in principle, impossible to make an honest Casein 1000g and sell it for the money.

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Over the past 5 years in our country there was a lot of domestic brands. Now there are dozens. Both regional and all-Russian. Quite a lot of new brands that I've tried, I did not like. Then I thought: what is the cause of poor quality? Check our catalog to see new steroids for sale. After all do, for example, proteins, not so difficult if there is a ready-made raw materials. But everything is quite simple and the reason in the race for cheapening the product, come what may. Now I want to tell you how to reduce the price of some manufacturers of their products.

Dilute the protein taurine. Every athlete can order steroids online and take advantage of free delivery. Taurine , an amino acid is cheap. And if you are such a dilute protein will concern the examination, the laboratory deems taurine protein Ladder. Although protein is there may be 50%. So, do not undermine, even if you want.

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Add the cheaper proteins in a more expensive. For example, whey can be added to the casein. Or protein in the soy whey. All steroids for sale that we have, is certified products.

Reduce the amount of protein that is less than the original raw material is put. For example, can make 60% protein. Or BCAAs, where only 60% Vass. The truth in this case will have to write a part of these figures. But the compositions are reading is not all.

Add more or less sugar flavorings. You can order steroids online and get your discount price. The fact that the flavorings (banana, strawberry and the like. D.) Are quite expensive. A sugar (fructose, for example) - cheap. And to put a smaller flavors, but keep the rich taste, the flavors of the sugar substitute. And so at the output you get a sickly sweet protein and Creatine.

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