About: Me! The fabulously talented Ms. Olive Oyl!
Let me tell you a bit about myself, shall I?

We’ll start with some hard facts:
First off I’m a star. A big, big, BIG star.
A celebrity of epic proportions.

I made my showbiz debut buy trenbolone way back in the winter of 1919 as the star of Elzie Crisler Segar’s popular comic strip, “Thimble Theatre.” The strip was later re-titled, ”Popeye.” Why he gets top billing is something I’d rather not discuss (men!).

I am known to many as the “First Lady of Cartoons” and my gorgeous visage pickle nose, big feet and all has appeared in nearly 25,000 comic strips, 750 animated cartoons and countless comic books - published all over the whole wide world! My fame is international! In Spain and in Sweden I'm known as “Olivia” and in Finland as “Olga.”

But you can just call me Olive. xoxo

Olive Looks


The Standard Hotel published this cute comic strip of Popeye and Olive checking into The Standard, Hollywood on standardculture.com. Creators: Frank Caruso and Stephen DeStefano.